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Our Un-Pleasant World

While the world is still being ravaged from the Covid-19 virus and many types of it’s mutations somehow anybody can not help feel that maybe this pandemic was no accident. The three largest Pharmaceutical corporations have previously reaped vast amounts of dollars of profits about the swift growth of vaccines. But precisely what is so discerning could be the very slow and ignored response on developing antidotes for anyone already infected.

When we look on the history of vaccines their development, distribution, and vaccination which may have stopped the spread of man’s most infectious diseases all have stood test of time in eliminating their spread. In all likelihood the different Covid-19 vaccines will undoubtedly postpone instead of eliminate other mutations of Covid-19 from surfacing again.

The United States response if your first case of Covid-19 appeared would be a dismal failure. The bungling, incompetent and woefully inadequate attempts with the Trump Administration to handle this incoming crisis proved disastrous. This along with a congress who today can’t seem to manage to get thier act together renders the United States have on the list of worst records in responses on the global threats to man, nature as well as the environment.

Compounding the unlpeasantries of our own existence the tinderbox from the Mid-East had been ignited leaving the remainder of the world desperately searching for answers to why many of us can’t go along. It as that the greed of a few carries on spill the blood of a lot of just to achieve their diabolical end. The violence we face now in every parts of the earth has only exasperated the horrific suffering and anguish of millions throughout the globe.

Adding for the misery of countless Americans we continue to have a government who can’t and won’t implement the reforms which are so had to preserve our heritage and propel this nation right into a much brighter, prosperous and secure nation for all those Americans. To date our dominate two party political system just has deepened the divides in our nation. On one had the Republicans continue their delusional ideologies a case in point that they are willing and over capable of destroying our democratic process while ignoring the rule of law.

If we to be a nation can’t see what on earth is happening in Washington containing spread similar to this Pandemic infecting the minds and actions of numerous can this nation survive? Has our society succumbed on the tempestuous behavior patterns that contain dominated the now Republican mindset? Something to truly think about.

For sometime now the will with the majority is lost in translation caused by too many elected officials apparent apathy, insufficient empathy and take care of ignorance of what’s actually occurring right under their nose. As a result the unpleasant world we face today has been created very unsafe from the actions and inactions of governments worldwide.

If we look way back in history we look for the wounds with the Great War still festering to not ever have been healed. Since then these wounds have manifested to the climate of distrust, animosity, and hate that’s seeped into cultures in countries all over the world. If we fail to realize what’s happening the crisis within the Mid-East and our failure to cope with the reforms which might be needed from the United States this unpleasant arena of ours is only going to grow cold and much more unpleasant.

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