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My Button Is Bigger Than Your Button!

The world is apparently being held hostage with the megalomanianic premise he who hath the most significant capability to destroy the full planet and all sorts of human kind, rules the entire world.

This pre-supposes which the goal from a or all definable nation states is always to in fact rule the earth.

This supposition could be borne out by historical acts of war and colonization since the beginning of recorded history. But with the appearance of the increased adult population and the must supply the basic needs of humanity by standard of fair opportunity and access, imperialistic proclivities have got all but turn into a secondary concern.

This applies even for individuals who already rule the earth and those that exercise probably the most influence.

Imperialistic power is dissipating, becoming unsustainable due the sheer number of men and women on the planet in addition to their projected increase.

With every individual striving for his very own level of “independent” life, the shadow in the imperialistic mind-set, which was pervasive throughout our cultures for any very long time, recedes to disclose a brighter, shinier world, where so many people are living in peace and harmony.

Consider the idea, precisely what are all on the micro wars, fighting and global violence about? For example Syria, exactly what is the root of this issue and will it really just be resolved with the actions getting taken? Similarly, for virtually every given situation around the entire world, even terrorism and extremism.

They all want something. Is this something that they want impossible to supply? Can this something simply be gotten by slaughtering individuals and devastating lives? I am merely wanting to know, but to be truthful, it genuinely does not seem quite rational in my opinion.

The current world scenario is a Mexican stand-off between nation states with all the greatest nuclear capabilities, namely the USA and Russia.

Add to which the “wannabes” as well as the agitators prepared to chip in or assert their position hanging around. Ready to use overwhelmingly destructive violence to acquire what they want.

But lots of people are shying from this predilection however the prevailing means of conflict resolution at the national level and even for individuals, is war and violence.

It’s difficult to put down the gun once that has been the chosen way, but there comes a place, where it just will not make for good business.

Like every item and fixture heinous, slavery and apartheid, this hostage situation must end. The mentality that you might destroy your enemy, even in the realistic likelihood of destroying yourself and possibly the full planet, isn’t going to play anymore. The keeper of the mentality is now seemingly and apparently, unhinged.

While Trump fires blasts of empowered rhetoric at Iran and North Korea and anybody else that again, seemingly challenges his interests, the rest of the earth does not want it to be. We want the brighter, shinier world, the main one with peace and harmony.

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