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My Button Is Bigger Than Your Button!My Button Is Bigger Than Your Button!

The world is apparently being held hostage with the megalomanianic premise he who hath the most significant capability to destroy the full planet and all sorts of human kind, rules the entire world.

This pre-supposes which the goal from a or all definable nation states is always to in fact rule the earth.

This supposition could be borne out by historical acts of war and colonization since the beginning of recorded history. But with the appearance of the increased adult population and the must supply the basic needs of humanity by standard of fair opportunity and access, imperialistic proclivities have got all but turn into a secondary concern.

This applies even for individuals who already rule the earth and those that exercise probably the most influence.

Imperialistic power is dissipating, becoming unsustainable due the sheer number of men and women on the planet in addition to their projected increase.

With every individual striving for his very own level of “independent” life, the shadow in the imperialistic mind-set, which was pervasive throughout our cultures for any very long time, recedes to disclose a brighter, shinier world, where so many people are living in peace and harmony.

Consider the idea, precisely what are all on the micro wars, fighting and global violence about? For example Syria, exactly what is the root of this issue and will it really just be resolved with the actions getting taken? Similarly, for virtually every given situation around the entire world, even terrorism and extremism.

They all want something. Is this something that they want impossible to supply? Can this something simply be gotten by slaughtering individuals and devastating lives? I am merely wanting to know, but to be truthful, it genuinely does not seem quite rational in my opinion.

The current world scenario is a Mexican stand-off between nation states with all the greatest nuclear capabilities, namely the USA and Russia.

Add to which the “wannabes” as well as the agitators prepared to chip in or assert their position hanging around. Ready to use overwhelmingly destructive violence to acquire what they want.

But lots of people are shying from this predilection however the prevailing means of conflict resolution at the national level and even for individuals, is war and violence.

It’s difficult to put down the gun once that has been the chosen way, but there comes a place, where it just will not make for good business.

Like every item and fixture heinous, slavery and apartheid, this hostage situation must end. The mentality that you might destroy your enemy, even in the realistic likelihood of destroying yourself and possibly the full planet, isn’t going to play anymore. The keeper of the mentality is now seemingly and apparently, unhinged.

While Trump fires blasts of empowered rhetoric at Iran and North Korea and anybody else that again, seemingly challenges his interests, the rest of the earth does not want it to be. We want the brighter, shinier world, the main one with peace and harmony.

Celebrate The Tequilla DayCelebrate The Tequilla Day

July 24 would be the official Tequilla day. If not, then grab a slice of lime and a few salt and let’s celebrate the Tequilla day the Tequilla way. The old saying goes ” one Tequila,two Tequilla, three Tequilla,floor”,to begin with you hit the soil,you need to know where your preferred spirit arises from!

Origin of Tequilla

As North America’s first distilled drink and first commercially produced alcohol, Tequillas history is long and rich. It’s roots reach back to pre Hispanic times,this drink is as simple as fermentation in the Agave plant.

Drink and Hollywood

Many Hollywood celebrities have ventured in the liquor industry creating their particular brands –

Justin Timberlake- 901 Silver Tequilla

Carlos Santana- Casa Noble Tequilla

George Clooney- Casamigos Tequilla

Liquor Festivals

Here a few popular festivals to consider

1- Day on the dead Tequilla festival is well known all through Mexico but especially in the south and

central regions.

2- South Florida Tequilla festival is held each and every year in South Florida to celebrate the famous Mexican spirit

3- Northwest Tequilla festival is yet another celebrated event from the USA.The tequila festival we have found made a lot more interesting by building yoga for it.

4- Tequilla and taco music festival is located in San Diego and Santa Cruz, within the United States of America.So appear and set yourself free.

4-Different types of Tequilla

Tequilla is one with the most popular spirits on the globe,however the spirits can nonetheless be incredibly confusing.The Mexican laws states that Tequilla are only able to be made within the state of Jalisco, Guanajuato, Michoacan, Nayarit and Tamaulipas.

How Many Types of a Tequilla

This is Tequilla in it’s purest form.Its the freshly distilled spirit with virtually no oak aging in any respect.Its precisely the flavor of Agave.


This family of Tequilla is rare to seek out but it does exist.Its a Blanco which has been blended with color, caramel or sugar syrups.


These are Tequillas that see 2 months to one year in oak Barrells.It is excellent for Margaritas along with other mixed drinks.


A Tequilla aged for someone to three years within the barrells. This is a sipping Tequilla, the one which exhibits besides flavors of Agave but rich vanilla and floral aromas too.

Extra Anejo

Any Tequilla aged longer than 36 months. These are the bottles which are highly collectible plus a must for true Tequillaafficionados.

Important information about the Drink

1- Tequilla posseses an appellation of origin. Like Champagne, Cognac and many fine Wines, Tequilla are only able to be produced in five regions in Mexico.

2- It must come in from the blue Agave plant.

3- A common practice from the U.S is usually to take a shot with lime and salt while those involved with Mexico prefer to savour their Tequillas.

4- This spirit has become a source for many on the world’s top chefs to invent extraordinary food pairings.

5- Before you taste Tequilla make use of your nose.More then 600 aromas are already identified in Tequilla.

Tequila and Famous Tequila shots
Any discuss tequila can not be completed minus the mention with the super famous,the super cool Tequilla shots. A big hit for the parties, these shots really are a must for all you Tequila lovers. So,sprinkle a bit salt with your hand, grab a sheet of lime between fingers, bottoms track of the tequila shots and bite the lime. Good times have arrived.

The Internet Has the PowerThe Internet Has the Power

What is The Digital Divide?

The term “digital divide” has been used to describe the variations in access to the internet and internet-related technology (such as computers) available in various countries and even within developed countries. As the internet has become more ubiquitous in many countries across the globe, there is still significant variation in how much access people have to that resource. There is a clear trendline that correlates countries where poverty is more common with lack of access to the internet and undeveloped technology infrastructure in those countries.

The existence of a digital divide that separates developed countries from under-developed ones does not insinuate that the evolution of the internet has somehow created inequality in the world. In fact, the digital divide generally follows historical patterns of development and technology use among advanced countries such as Great Britain, the United States, and Japan versus more primitive countries such as those in Africa and South America.

However, one thing that becomes clear when considering what the Internet does provide. Those who have consistent internet access naturally have more opportunities to communicate, to learn, to do business, and to tap into the world’s resource network generally. A study published in 2014 showed a high correlation between median household income and average internet speed.

How Does The Internet Create Opportunity?

An Example from Honduras

There are myriad ways provided by the internet for overcoming poverty and creating opportunity. As I write this article, I am in Honduras helping a non-profit charity organization teach internet marketing skills to its students. A significant part of our program for raising money for the school involves building an online dental store that the students will operate. They will learn how to use search engine optimization and social media marketing, order fulfillment, customer service, technical writing, and other skills that would not be at their disposal were it not for the opportunity provided by the internet.


Perhaps the most critical component making the internet accessible to as much of the population as possible is the access to information and education that comes along with it. Learning has certainly evolved over the past twenty years. Instead of having to rely upon in-person class lectures that comprise programs requiring tuition and a flexible schedule, YouTube, Wikipedia, and other online learning tools have made taken education to anyone who can access their pages.


The ability for businesses to market their products on the internet has leveled the playing field, making profitability a high possibility for those who will put in the time to learn how to configure the internet to bring their customers to them. Techniques for attracting customers are described in detail for free or at a low cost on inbound marketing tutorial sites all over the web.

Because of the internet, a market has developed for entrepreneurs who build their businesses right out of their homes, including mommy bloggers who sell advertising, YouTubers who profit from simply filming what they do on a daily basis or who film demonstrations of themselves opening toys, ecommerce business owners who drop-ship products they market for sale using online stores, and a host of other creative ways to create a revenue machine using the internet.


Although the digital divide hasn’t caused the disparity of wealth between developed countries and those that lag behind, the expansion of the internet so that it’s more readily available in places that still do not have access can significantly alter the playing field, making it so that otherwise lower class or impoverished people can tap into opportunities that are currently being used to create wealth among the internet-enabled population.

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Netanyahu Must Be ChargedNetanyahu Must Be Charged

The catastrophe inside the Gaza Strip must end. How many children should be injured or killed ahead of the world wakes up about what Netanyahu is concerning? Tethering about the edge of political defeat and being destroyed of office he could be using this being a stunt for his personal political advantage.

Starting a war is his technique of staying in power because nations rarely change leaders when they’re at war. He is a killer as well as a fraud, as well as the death toll of innocent people he could be bringing about isn’t any different to that surrounding Hitler with his fantastic regime.

He has long deprived the individuals of Gaza with water along with other essentials and it has authorised the stealing of these land, such as within the west bank. Now he or she is destroying the infrastructure and buildings and bringing metropolis of Gaza to some standstill and ruin.

The world must arise to the tyranny that’s perpetuated at this bully and dictator. Whether the Muslim population of Gaza can survive his onslaught is up to your rest of the world, which today is allowing this that occurs. Where is the United Nations and also other peace keeping forces?

His actions tend not to win sympathy from people outraged from the slaughter. We must perservere against his type whenever and wherever they elevate themselves into office. With his job for the line surely individuals of Israel must look out of what he is all about and bring him down permanently. Such a beast isn’t going to deserve to hold any office when abuse of power ends up with so many lives lost, children traumatised forever, and survivors struggling to live on.

He isn’t only committing war crimes but crimes against humanity. He is hindering the freedom and security of an country that deserves better. Their welfare and future will probably be worth more than his job.

Our Un-Pleasant WorldOur Un-Pleasant World

While the world is still being ravaged from the Covid-19 virus and many types of it’s mutations somehow anybody can not help feel that maybe this pandemic was no accident. The three largest Pharmaceutical corporations have previously reaped vast amounts of dollars of profits about the swift growth of vaccines. But precisely what is so discerning could be the very slow and ignored response on developing antidotes for anyone already infected.

When we look on the history of vaccines their development, distribution, and vaccination which may have stopped the spread of man’s most infectious diseases all have stood test of time in eliminating their spread. In all likelihood the different Covid-19 vaccines will undoubtedly postpone instead of eliminate other mutations of Covid-19 from surfacing again.

The United States response if your first case of Covid-19 appeared would be a dismal failure. The bungling, incompetent and woefully inadequate attempts with the Trump Administration to handle this incoming crisis proved disastrous. This along with a congress who today can’t seem to manage to get thier act together renders the United States have on the list of worst records in responses on the global threats to man, nature as well as the environment.

Compounding the unlpeasantries of our own existence the tinderbox from the Mid-East had been ignited leaving the remainder of the world desperately searching for answers to why many of us can’t go along. It as that the greed of a few carries on spill the blood of a lot of just to achieve their diabolical end. The violence we face now in every parts of the earth has only exasperated the horrific suffering and anguish of millions throughout the globe.

Adding for the misery of countless Americans we continue to have a government who can’t and won’t implement the reforms which are so had to preserve our heritage and propel this nation right into a much brighter, prosperous and secure nation for all those Americans. To date our dominate two party political system just has deepened the divides in our nation. On one had the Republicans continue their delusional ideologies a case in point that they are willing and over capable of destroying our democratic process while ignoring the rule of law.

If we to be a nation can’t see what on earth is happening in Washington containing spread similar to this Pandemic infecting the minds and actions of numerous can this nation survive? Has our society succumbed on the tempestuous behavior patterns that contain dominated the now Republican mindset? Something to truly think about.

For sometime now the will with the majority is lost in translation caused by too many elected officials apparent apathy, insufficient empathy and take care of ignorance of what’s actually occurring right under their nose. As a result the unpleasant world we face today has been created very unsafe from the actions and inactions of governments worldwide.

If we look way back in history we look for the wounds with the Great War still festering to not ever have been healed. Since then these wounds have manifested to the climate of distrust, animosity, and hate that’s seeped into cultures in countries all over the world. If we fail to realize what’s happening the crisis within the Mid-East and our failure to cope with the reforms which might be needed from the United States this unpleasant arena of ours is only going to grow cold and much more unpleasant.

Young Entrepreneur Owning His FutureYoung Entrepreneur Owning His Future

Kashmir in India, perfectly located at the Himalayan and Karakoram mountain ranges. Known for beautiful landscapes but additionally their unemployment rates and troubled areas.

With a population of 12.55 million, people’s quality of life can be described as tough. In the area, jobs don’t everything clearly often, giving the younger generation few people like going hope for a potential.

However, in a area of poverty, some youths are choosing technology to be a source of income. Rehan Shafi is thirty years old as well as ensure he’s a bright future they have started a little IT hub to produce himself the opportunity in the tough conditions of Kashmir.

One of his products includes domainglo, an internet-based startup that connects business organisations to users that are looking for the appropriate domain name. The Domainglo platform introduces an online site name generator that generates numerous catchy domains that fit a company’s motives along with offer good visibility on the web.

“Growing up I have learnt to ensure opportunities happen you must go out and chase them yourself. As the younger generation coping with Kashmir, I want to create an upcoming for myself as well as show my community it’s possible to have a life by yourself with working hard and dedication. Starting my business for myself allows me for taking control of my future,” said web-sites Domainglo, Rehan Shafi.

A website name generator uses letters and keywords to think of a website website that is catchy and stands above the rest, giving your startup or blog better SEO plus a better possibility of getting noticed.

Domainglo is a straightforward to use platform where users merely have a single keyword to create a list of available website names which are unique, short and catchy.

“The algorithm on the site uses various ways to smartly replace the keyword to generate combinations or rhymes to get new websites that help create a brand. Users could get the website address that best fit their businesses, you aren’t continues torefine the search and produce a truly creative url of your website. Creating the appropriate domain name is crucial for every business to guarantee the website is recognisable,” said Rehan.

Solidarity With Beloved Weeping MotherSolidarity With Beloved Weeping Mother

I viewed with great interest the movie documentary, Mother India: Life with the Eyes with the Orphan (2012). With 31,000,000 orphans in India, this movie invites us briefly in the lives of 25 orphaned or abandoned the younger generation (ages three to 25) who live across the railway in South India. I have been thinking a good deal about India which can be suffering intensely from COVID. The world today is sending material help, blessings, and finest wishes to our global neighbors, our sisters and brothers in India.

The children beg money for food from passing train passengers, sometimes first “cleaning” or sweeping the train-car floor, then longing their hands first or two rupees (1 or 2 pennies). At the end on the day, some may have a couple dollars to obtain food. The group’s leader was the solicitous Reddy (“I simply have my mother; she beat me, so I left.”), in their early 20s but already having lived in excess of 10 years all the time. Reddy would rally the group to assist each other out. Lakshmi was abused by the foster parent who burned her having a hot steelrod. When her boyfriend saw her conversing with another boy, he forced her to get her hand beneath the train. She lost two fingers. Crying, she said she had an infant boy, but that she died when 72 hours old. Satkyananda’s parents were killed inside a bus accident. Nagareju’s parents beat him, and the man ran away. A third in the children were missing a limb, often from falling when jumping within the train (train hopping). The children first wished to show David and Shawn their wounds: missing fingers, hand, arm, leg, deep lesions. That is a major unhidden in fact ignored component from the pain they carried.

“Not above but among,” David and Shawn choose to leave their comfortable, air-conditioned Gotham Hotel room and sleep while using homeless young within the concrete and dirt floor. They experienced, only when for a night, experience the extremely warm weather and a host of biting mosquitoes. Waking up early, they saw children huddled asleep together, a pod of safety being a group of puppies, blanketed people mounds. The children brush their teeth on the well utilizing their fingers and powder produced around the spot by rubbing bricks together.

The younger people are invited to visit a fair where all enjoy yourself and excitement, games, and rides, taking their marbles off constant focus to having to survive. All the kids had “bad habits” to numb the discomfort in their bleak lives. Some smoked or chewed tobacco, while others, dangerously sharing needles, injected a mystery substance, which “took away the sadness.” Some “huffed” by sucking in fumes of rags soaked with Erazex, “White-Out” correction fluid which cost 50 cents, “to not feel the discomfort of police beatings, cold and rain in the winter months, and mosquito bites.”A holiday to the burial site of your youngster who died three weeks earlier of your overdose is filmed.

The children were sexualized, the older kids abusing the younger children. Geetha relates the sad story of his offered to the red-light district, sex for the money. Serendipitously, two men who recognized him took him back for the youth hostel. Folding his hands in prayer, Geetha says, “I am thankful to those two men.” HIV/AIDS frequently occurs among these teenagers.

Yet they have got hopes and dreams. Their eyes can easily still light up. “I need to run my business and revel in life to be a normal person.” “I wish to be an auto mechanic.” “I here is a good house and also to marry.” “I would like to get a residence for myself.” David and Shawn utilize their friends at Harvest India, to place of their main orphanage the 2 main youngest children, siblings, Kotegwari, a seven-year-old girl and Polayya, a three-year-old boy. The group fills a bus and off they’re going to see the orphanage, where they get haircuts, shower, receive new clothing, and savor a delicious meal of chicken, various curries, rice, and yogurt. The children were beaming, “walking different,” with freshness, self-respect, and dignity.

Reddy and the kids support Kotegwari and Polayya to move to the orphanage while they would not elect to live there. Suresh and Christina Kumar oversee daily operations of Harvest India, a website to, with, and from orphaned, abandoned, unaccompanied children. They provide your house to 1400 children at 26 different locations. Harvest India has been around existence for greater than 40 years. Suresh says the discarded youngsters are miserable, distrustful, feeling betrayed, homeless, neglected, no-one to talk to, abused, without dad and mom, consumed instead of cared for, exploited instead of loved. Suresh himself was raised in an orphanage where, after his father died young, his mother had found work. Suresh and Christina start the procedure where Kotegwari and Polayya could be adopted by Harvest India.

Coached Into a CaveCoached Into a Cave

The thoughts, the emotions, plus the prayers that followed the action of the Thai football team are indicators that their unforeseen cave experience caught our planet’s attention. Many, who had no reference to Thailand, shed a great deal time for their hearts pulsated with news in the media. There was no capacity diversity as local and international divers stormed the Chiang Rai Province of Thailand for your safety on the local footballers. It was a unified action that further demonstrated the oneness in the world. In the week that elapsed prior to boys were safely perfectly located at the cave, lots of people outside the cave have abandoned the hope that sustained them.

The Wild Boars since they were fondly called ventured to a striking escapade that claimed human life. It was a large sacrifice that deterred a skilful diver to get referred to as a hero.

I settled between enthusiasm and joy to the successful discovery on the boys as my heart pondered the question with the items spurred them on.

The courage on the apologetic assistant coach confirmed the football team were coached into your cave. He undoubtedly had good intentions when they marked the birthday of his team member, but that of a complicated adventure to get a birthday?

The unpleasant adventure in the boys might wrap up someone within a phobia for caves and trigger another person to vie with an adventure in a very cave. Life mostly contain two kinds of people: the fearful and also the risk takers. The former wouldn’t normally dare go near to the entrance of your cave, these would explore the cave for any quicker means to fix a similar problem.

I located a sudden realisation how the fear of not going at the entrance of an cave, automatically puts one inside a cave. – the phobia for caves!

Some individuals who have never physically ventured right into a cave already are encased in caves for life’s monstrous adventures.

As I join others to celebrate the safe return in the Wild Boars and reconnection with members of the family, I’d like to cast a reader’s memory to unseen caves. How has life’s adventurous journey coached you? Are you being coached to a cave? If you are honest an unseen circumstance which have caved you, are there divers?

The cravings for wealth, the struggle for freedom, the guilt of unfaithfulness, the wanting for health, the enduring pain of abuse, the torrent of torment, fear from the unknown, the grief of your painful loss, the damaging encircling of frenemies etc disquieting circumstances are common caves which could hire no physical diver for freedom. Correspondingly, life is able to convert such circumstances while using strength inherent in the power with the mind, the courage that spurred around the Wild Boars, the opportunity to see hope against hope, the faith to get over the fear on the unknown, the tranquillity to transition your mind to peace, the happiness that persists industry by storm pain, the patience that subsides temperament as well as the love that endures. Those will be the divers when life coaches you in to the cave of challenges. Those divers constitute the positivity that negates negativity. The sight to find out possibility when confronted with impossibility is a lot more real than reality.

I journeyed throughout the jaggedness and structure of your cave and paused to consider purpose. Every life adventure depends on purpose. The Wild Boars didn’t have a hindsight in the brink of the journey, but usually, their painful journey has earned them a world presence and you never know what the future holds?